Portada enmacetadora Javo de ocasión
Javo standard potting machine (Occasion)
23rd February 2017
Portada sembradoras Koppert de ocasión
Koppert sowing machines (Occasion)
23rd February 2017

Bercomex Rosematic (Occasion)

The Bercomex Rosematic (Occasion) processes roses quickly and efficiently and always achieves a better sorting result thanks to the three different cameras that analyze each stem individually for exact sorting.

The Bercomex Rosematic (Occasion) is a robust sorter that processes and sorts roses with the utmost care. The system can be expanded with functions for cutting, de-leafing and de-thoring, a UV light module to control botrytis and sliding chutes to collect classified roses so that they can be grouped by hand.

The Bercomex Rosematic (Occasion) processes roses quickly and evenly, eliminating a lot of labor, resulting in significant labor savings. You can sort exactly according to certain criteria, so that you always get a consistent bouquet as the end result. And if you want to fine-tune the process in the meantime, you can do so with the push of a button. Save the sorting criteria for each rose variety, so you can change quickly.

You can see the operation of all used machines in the Netherlands. The price of the machine includes: cleaning, reconditioning, technical control, replacement of worn parts. This offer is valid as long as the material is available. Feel free to contact us to request more information.


Brand: Bercomex

Model: Rosematic


Production year


8500 stems/hour

  • Ready for 6
  • Assemble for 5

  • Cleaned
  • Reconditioned
  • Technical inspections
  • Used parts replacement

  • Cut, defoliation and stem de-thoring
  • UV module for botryits control
  • Sliding channels to collect sorted roses so they can be grouped by hand
  • Suitable for all roses
  • High-speed rose processing
  • Sort to length and thickness
  • Better classification due to measurements by cameras
  • Labor cost saving
  • Less dependent on skilled workers
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