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23rd February 2017
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23rd February 2017

Koppert sowing machines (Occasion)



    Koppert Profi

    Sembradoras Koppert de ocasión
    Brand: Koppert
    Model: Profi

    We have several Koppert sowing machines (Occasion), such as the Profi, a machine made of stainless steel with a very solid design, specially developed and suitable for growing seedlings. The Koppert Profi sowing machine is driven by the tractor and the sowing shaft is driven by an electric motor to prevent any slippage. All the sowing elements are mounted on a fixed frame because all the seeds are also sown at the same depth; This is necessary for uniform growth.

    In the tractor cabin, it is possible to connect and disconnect the sowing distance, the seeds used, the amount of seeds per square meter from a screen. Tread wheels can be manufactured as cage wheel or SS roller models depending on the type of soil, light or heavy. When sowing, the machine draws a "furrow" in the soil into which the seeds fall. Then they are covered again by the rear roller. Seed distance, row width and seed depth are fully adjustable with this machine. The minimum row width is 5,5 cm and the distance from the seed can be set from 1mm to 15cm. The machine is delivered with a width of 1,20 m or 1,40 m.


    • Tractor drive system
    • Battery-powered electric drive
    • Very easy to use
    • Min. width row 5.5 cm
    • Seed distance from 1 mm to 15 cm
    • Width work space: 105 to 160 cm
    • 1000 m2 per hour
    • Seed distance 1 mm through 15 cm

    Koppert MIDI

    Brand: Koppert
    Model: MIDI

    We have several Koppert sowing machines (Occasion), such as the MIDI, an 8-row pneumatic precision automatic seeder, which is suitable for various vegetables types, such as radishes or leeks. The most important part of this machine is the seeding unit. And it can be used to sow all kinds of seeds up to a diameter of 4mm.

    You can see the operation of all used machines in the Netherlands. The price of the machine includes: cleaning, reconditioning, technical control, replacement of worn parts. This offer is valid as long as the material is available. Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information by pressing the button below to access our page contact.



    • 8 sowing discs
    • 8 seed drills and discs for individual rows
    • Stainless steel structure
    • Lombardini engine
    • Width 80 cm

    Koppert Profi 1100


    Brand: Koppert
    Model: Profi 1100

    We have several Koppert sowing machines (Occasion), such as the Profi 1100, a renewed version of the traditional Profi, smaller, without electrical components and, therefore, completely mechanical. It is a self-propelled machine, electrically started with 3 forward and 3 reverse gears.

    The machine is powered by a 9 or 11 HP gasoline engine, which ensures the drive to the planting part through a gearbox. The seeding part can be connected via the electrical seeding connection separately from the drive part. The machine has continuous cage wheels that are provided with a non-slip rubber profile. Exhaust system for remaining seeds. Mechanical connection to be activated from the control and neutral connection.

    You can see the operation of all the second-hand machines in the Netherlands. In the price of the machine is included: cleaning, reconditioning, technical control, change of worn parts. This offer is valid while the material is available. Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information.


    • 3 gears
    • Petrol engine
    • Working width: 105 through 145 cm
    • Forward and backward
    • Min. row width 5,5 cm
    • 1000 m2 per hour
    • 9-11 HP

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