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20th February 2017
De-leafing machines
20th February 2017

Circulation fans

    Circulation fans are essential in greenhouses, they help keep the air moving. Due to the speed of the air they generate, they can be used with fog system to increase the relative humidity inside the greenhouse.

    Circulation fans help to lower the temperature in greenhouses, withstand very adverse weather conditions and are easy to adapt to local circumstances, even fog systems can be adapted.

    Among the benefits of agricultural fans, we can find the generation of a mixture of hot / cold air inside the greenhouse, unifying the temperature inside it, favoring the recirculation of CO2 (essential compound for photosynthesis) , prevent pests from spreading rapidly, cooling the temperature of the plants, reducing the burns of the plants and, adapting a fog system favors the increase of humidity for crops that require it.

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    Brand: Agro-Technology



    • 5.100 m³ hour
    • Ø blade 45 cm

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