portada línea bouquet Havatec
Havatec bouquet line
6th April 2022
portada clasificadora de ramos Havatec FloraStar
Havatec FloraStar
30th March 2022

Havatec Twister bouquet line


Brand: Havatec

Model: Twister


The Havatec Twister bouquet line is the first machine in the world that is able to make twisted flower bouquets automatically. The Twister creates bouquets of 10-35 stems and is available in various versions.

The Havatec Twister bouquet line consists of a number of turntables on which the different flowers lie. The turntables are filled manually according to the entered bouquet recipe. The software system indicates the correct compartments where the flowers should be placed. These turntables are connected to a conveyor that runs towards the carrousel. Then, the bouquet is created in the carrousel. When the bouquet is finished, it is transported out of the carrousel towards a panel belt with an integrated wrap binder.

This latest innovation ensures a tightly bound bouquet. The number of wraps can be adjusted. The Twister is able to transform a wide variety of flowers into a bouquet.

  • It is supplied with 2 or more turntables
  • Per infeed position, 1 – 3 flowers can be placed
  • The length of the bouquets can be adjusted between 35 and 60 cm
  • Number of stems per bouquet is 10-35, depending on the volume
  • Core flower can be maximum 10 cm higher (split level bouquet)
1Infeed belt with turntables

The turntables are connected to the infeed belt. The infeed belt on which the flowers are placed has provisions for placing the flowers at the correct height, including the possibility to place a flower on a higher level. On the supply belt, a wide fixing belt is mounted by means of which the flowers can be fixed during transportation and cutting. The basic infeed belt version provides room for 2 persons.

2Cutting unit

The cutting unit has a knife by means of which the flowers can be cut individually. The created cutting waste is discharged by means of a belt to the door side of the process cabinet and deposited on a waste elevator.

3Twist module

The twist module collects the flowers in a carrousel that consists of a central part and 8 or 9 sections located around the central part. This structure allows the creation of a wide variety of bouquets. The bouquet is turned and then transported to the panel belt, where it is placed between the sponges. During transport in the panel belt, the bouquet is bound with the Havatec Wicl-B.

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