mezcladora de sustratos Logitec ML15
Logitec ML15 substrate mixer
21st March 2017
Sensores de inducción Greenspec
Greenspec induction sensors
21st March 2017

MBB100 Mini Bale


    Brand: Logitec
    Model: MBB100 Mini Bale

    Advantages of the MBB100


    • Perfect breaking of compacted substrate bales
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Available in various voltages for all regions
    • Easy to maneuver by hand
    • Can be used directly on almost any potting machine or filler
    • Adjustable dosing height from 1199 mm till 1595 mm
    2,2 kW
    380 V – 3 phase – 50Hz (other voltages optional)
    Up to 25 bales of 300L per hour
    For all bales up to 320 L
    3375 x 790 x 1.860 mm
    325 kg

    Available options

    • Breaker set for finer outcome of substrates

    • Automatic water dosing system

    • Level wires for automatic dosing

    • Winch for loading bale

    • 208V – 3 phase – 60Hz version

    • 220V – 3 phase – 60Hz version

    • 220V – 1 phase – 60 Hz version

    • UL/CSA versions

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