Portada clips y pinzas para injerto
Grafting clips
20th February 2017
Portada soporte HMO para racimo
HMO truss support
20th February 2017

Tutoring clips

Tutoring clips ensure the best guidance for the plant stem, for vegetables production and other crops. By using them it is no longer necessary to twist the plant stems along the raffia, with the possibility of damaging it. In addition, they do not restrict the growth of the plant, thus ensuring an increase in the efficiency and quality of the fruit. Clip locks ensure easy and efficient use.

This new version of the 23 mm tutoring clip is smoother, easier to close, secure and improved. By pruning regularly with a rope with a thickness of 1,000 meters per kg, it will give you an optimal result. These tutoring clips will give you maximum hold on the raffia and a durability of 2, 3 or more seasons.


Brand: Bato

Model: 23 mm

  • More flexible and resistant
  • Work faster and save labor costs
  • The lock is bigger, easier to close and reopen
  • The clip is very soft to avoid damage to the plant
  • Raffia hinge has been improved and thoroughly tested with tomato and pepper, does not slip
  • A high quality clip at a very competitive price
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