Portada clip de injerto standard para tallos
Grafting clip standard
30th May 2020
Martin Stolze pot washer machine cover
Martin Stolze Pot Washer machine
27th April 2020

Bercomex BasicFill bucket filler

Portada Productividad


    Brand: Bercomex

    Model: BasicFill




    Always a full barrel handy for your bunches of flowers. As soon as the full barrel is removed from the barrel, the BasicFill replenishes the next empty barrel automatically, whereby the lift platform brings the stack to the right operating height. This permits you and your staff to work efficiently and comfortably.

    2Mobile and Safe

    The compact bucket filler always fits in your existing set-up. The two wheels and handles make the BasicFill easy to move. The engine is neatly integrated in the casing, so it is not vulnerable to water and humidity. The BasicFill naturally has CE-certification, so it is safe to use.

    Unique advantages

    • Increased productivity through automation
    • Comfortable operating height
    • Easy to move
    • CE- certificate for optimal safety

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