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1st May 2020
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8th April 2020

Martin Stolze pot washer machine


Brand: M. Stolze

Model: Pot Washer


Martin Stolze Pot Washer machine ensures that your plant pots are neat and clean before you deliver them to your customer. The Martin Stolze pot washer machine is a sample of how their products can be combined with each other, saving you a lot of money and increasing your productivity.

Martin Stolze Pot Washer functioning

The pots go through the built-in conveyor belt with stainless steel frame. The pots are rotated on the conveyor belt, so that the rotating brush can effortlessly clean all sides of the pot with water. The dirt and water is neatly drained into the water collection tank. Both the speed of the conveyor belt, the belt drive, which ensures the rotation of the pot, and the up and down movement of the brushes can be set as desired.


  • Belt drive and stainless steel conveyor with speed control
  • An horizontal brush with adjustsable up and down movement
  • Integrated nozzles in the horizontal brush
  • An adjustable feed width for pots from 9 to 30 cm
  • A container where the water is collected
  • A connection that fits on a normal water connection
  • Compact and mobile
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