Portada Ellegaard modelo H111
Ellegaard H111
23rd March 2017
Máquina de llenado automático Koppert
Koppert cup filling machine
23rd March 2017

Ellegaard H301

    Ellegaard H301

    Brand: Ellegaard

    Model: H301


    The new developed semi-automatic substrate pot machine H301 is making JUMBO pots in diameters 80-120 mm. Pots with diameters of 80-120 mm can be used instead of moulded plastic pots, being a very environmentally friendly alternative and are suitable as final consumption pots. JUMBO Ellepots are ideal for landscaping, giving no root shock when transplanting and thus ensures continued growth of the plants. The H301 machine is supplied with a standard tool set. The height of the pots and the density of the growing media are adjustable. For a quick and easy conversion of the machine into other diameters, extra tools are available. The H301 substrate pot machine can easily be integrated into a fully automatic production line.

    Technical data
    Air consumption
    400 l/min
    Air pressure
    6 bar
    3 x 220/400 volt
    Pot diameter
    80-120 mm
    Pot height
    Up to 240 mm
    Up to 1.500 pots per hour (with 60 mm height)
    1-2 persons
    Tool for extra diameter