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Ellepot H-101 – H-102
20th February 2017
Portada Ellepot H-301
Ellepot H-301
20th February 2017

Brand: Ellepot

Model: H-111


Ellepot H-111 makes paperpot with diameters ranging from 15 to 50 mm with capacity for 5,000 paperpot/hour with 40 mm length and one operator. The ellepot H-111 can produce paperpots of different diameters and lengths just by changing the optional heads. The ellepot H111 is designed for small nurseries with different ranges of products.

High reliability and low mainatance are keywords for this semi-automatic. Ellepot H-111 is perfect for smaller scaled operations where only one size pot/plug is required.

Technical data
Air consumption

260 l/min
Air pressure

6 bar
Power supply

3 x 220/400 volt


Pot diameter

15-50 mm
Pot height

Up to 180 mm

Up to 5000 pot/hour (40 mm height)


  • Extra diameter tool
  • Double blade
  • Less expensive investment
  • Easy work
  • Simple maintenance
  • Space saving
Differences with H-101
  • One blade only
  • A fixed vacuum pump without a filter
  • The exit must be led outside
  • No integration into a fully automatic production line
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