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Ellepot H-111
20th February 2017
BTM Combiflor
17th February 2017

Ellepot H-301


    Brand: Ellepot

    Model: H-301


    Ellepot H-301 is designed for paperpot production with large diameters ranging from 80 to 120 mm with a capacity of up to 1,500 paperpot/hour with a length of 60 mm and between 1-2 operators. The ellepot H-301 is used to convert the young plants into larger pots, before planting them in the fields.

    Ellepot H-301 is the perfect machine for smaller operations for olive, vine, fruit, nut and forestry nurseries looking to optimize logistics throughout their value chain.

    Technical data

    Air consumption

    400 l/min
    Air pressure

    6 bar
    Power Supply

    3 x 220/400 volt


    6 Kw
    Pot diameter

    80-120 mm
    Pot height

    Up to 240 mm

    Up to 1.500 pots/hour (60 mm height)

    1-2 persons

    Extra diameter tool

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