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7th February 2018
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20th May 2017


Cabecera Paperpot


    Brand: Ellepot

    Model: Paperpot


    Eco-friendly and Certified Paperpot

    Using paperpot is a guarantee for a safe environment. The papers do not present any harm to the environment. Paper pots will decompose in the soil when planted directly in the dirt field. Studies show that the carbon footprint in paper pots is more than 20% lower compared to plastic pots. Paperpot is easy to plant and will degrade in the ground when planted. There are no plastic pots to remove or collect. Studies show up to 40% faster planting.

    The market demands products that biodegrade fully and harmlessly in the environment. Using internationally recognized biodegradable standards, Ellepot verifies that our products degrade safely and efficiently in an aerobic environment, and confirms that material are not building up in the environment to harmful concentrations before degradation occurs.

    To support this, Ellepot produce propagation papers and membranes that are 100% biodegradable and made from all-natural and renewable raw materials. Ellepot papers are certified to a range of well-known industry certifications  and standards.

    All the raw materials used are totally natural, respectful with the environment and degradable. The fine wood fibers used in Ellepot papers come from responsibly harvested FSC™ certified forests. For Ellepot membranes, the fibers come from 100% bio-based and renewable resources, and are certified 100% biodegradable according to international standards.

    Manage and fill your paperpot with any of the Ellepot machines we have for sale: Ellegaard H111, Ellegaard H301, Ellegaard H101 and Ellegaard H102.

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